Accommodation assistance


APL, “Aide Personnalisée au Logement”, which means individualised accommodation assistance, applies when the accommodation is approved for subsidisation. If your accommodation has not been approved, you may still qualify for assistance, with the “Allocation Logement” or accommodation grant.

Once your evaluation has been concluded, you will have been notified of the amount you can claim, and you must contact your “Caisse d’Allocations Familiales” (CAF, meaning Family Allowances Fund).

The amount of the APL depends on the beneficiary's income and his/her outgoings in relation to his/her accommodation.

This information is written into your lease, in the form of an agreement number that has been assigned for it, in particular.

The APL payment is made on a monthly basis. You will be paid the allowance from the first day of the month following the granting of it to you.

The agreement: this is a legal rental scheme whereby the lessor signs an agreement with the State in return for assistance that it obtained to build or develop the accommodation. This agreement determines the maximum rent, technical requirements, design requirements, etc.

Another difference is that the two services had different sources of financing:

  • The financing of the AL was by the “Fonds National d’Aide au Logement” or national fund for accommodation assistance,
  • The financing of the APL was by the “Fonds National de l’Habitation” or national housing fund.

However, even if these two funds have now been merged, the APL and AL still remain distinct from each other. As for how long it remains so, who knows.