Student social file

The “Dossier Social Etudiant” (DSE) or student social file

This is a personal document that summarises your university and socio-economic situation. It is mandatory in order to make your student accommodation application or to register in a university residence. The SMENO tells you everything there is about this file.

Your Student Social File must be filled out each year on the CROUS website of the institution in which you are studying.

The DSE application must be made before 30th April for the following academic year.

1 How to fill out your DSE?

You just have to register on the CROUSwebsite and follow the steps.

Before you start, you must also have available:

  • Your DSE number if this already exists
  • Your I.N.E. number, which is on your student card or on your baccalauréat registration confirmation (B.E.A. number)
  • The income tax statement for the previous year for your family or your home if you are a couple

2What questions are asked of you?

  • Your highest educational level attained, your school graduation year (completion of baccalauréat in France) and the results achieved
  • Your first seven study courses committed to (With a map of France which then redirects you to the chosen institution)
  • The details of your application (grant and/or accommodation)
  • The training that you plan on undertaking and the type of institution

In your answers, you will be able to choose the institutions in which you want to study.

Finally, you will be asked about the family income and occupational status of the head of the household.

Once your file is completed, a file number and an access code will be issued: it is essential that you keep them!

A file will then be sent to you within three weeks of your registration upon receipt of it, you must sign and return it in less than eight days.