Liverpool, your future student city

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And why not? Wondering what to do and where to go for your next school year? Your searches for a studio or student room has never been so intense?  At Studylease, we'll expand your horizons all the way to England. In this article you will find all the best reasons to book a room to study in Liverpool, one of the friendliest cities in Europe. Spoiler alert: very few are related to studying.


The first reason: cafes


There are plenty of places to enjoy your morning energizer, with a good slice of English cake, or any other treat that would please you. We personally recommend Rubens' coffee, after all, what could be better than an "English breakfast" on the Albert docks? Enjoy your eggs scrambled, fried, poached, with a view of the columns and the dock basin. Freshly ground coffee and a quality menu, enough to brighten up your revision sessions or rather your "I sit in a café with my computer and my cup filled with a hot drink to pretend that I’m productive and studious" sessions, yes yes we know.


The many cultural venues


Ruben's café is not the only special place on the Albert docks. A few steps away from the establishment are the Tate Galleries. From antique style statues thrown amongst piles of worn clothing to optical illusions created by uniquely shaped mirrors. You are sure to stimulate your eyes and mind.

If you  still have some room for cultural discovery on your way, you MUST visit the Walker Art Galleries. The paintings are sublime, the sculptures are fascinating, and the visit is free, perfect for your student budget !

The places mentioned above are far from being the only cultural places worth visiting in this English-speaking city. But, we leave you the leisure to discover these treasures by yourself.




Regarding your budget, if you decide to ignore it completely, Liverpool One is there to offer you many opportunities to empty your wallet. All your favorite stores are there: decoration, make-up, clothes, books, EVERYTHING is there. Through this maze of stores, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

If you have a smaller budget, or if you just want to consume more ethically, and you fight against fast fashion, there again, Liverpool has what you need. Community stores and thrift stores are flourishing here on a regular basis. Enough to compose elaborate second hand outfits and above all for almost nothing!


The working environment


The main reason Studylease helps you find student housing is so that you can study. So if you want to immerse yourself in an optimized work environment, the Liverpool Central Library is perfect to support your project for successful study. This historic site is full of enriching books. Whether you're traditional or more fond of modern buildings, you're bound to find a room where you'll feel so comfortable that you'll lose track of time.


The city is dynamic


The average age of the city is much lower than in other English cities thanks to the many students who reside there. Also, meeting people will be easy and you will be integrated quickly. If you are afraid of feeling too out of place, know that you will have the opportunity to meet other people with the same nationality as yours since many of them are expatriates or go there to study. Another positive aspect of the city is that you will meet students of all nationalities and these encounters will allow you to enrich yourself intellectually. Moreover, the inhabitants are also very welcoming, which makes the city all the more pleasant!

So, what are you waiting for to book your future accommodation in one of our twelve student residences in Liverpool? Your future apartment is already available on