Tomorrow's residence: connected, collaborative

 / The end of an individualistic model
If today in France we consider that every student must have his kitchen and his bathroom, so a private studio in which to isolate himself, it was not the case before and it will probably not be in the future . The new residences tested in Northern Europe are based on colocation and offer apartments for 2, 4 or 6 students.

The current vision tends to individualize students. It seems that their needs will tend towards another direction for different reasons:

Students will be sensitive to lifestyle rather than housing stricto sensu
More and more students live in couples
More and more international students bring their vision of student life
In fact, we already see many young people who leave the residences to go live in colocation. From a psycho-social point of view, they are looking for collective experiences. They favor a context that allows mutual help, sharing, collaboration and wish to take full advantage of the social fabric of students.