Affluences, the essential application for students!

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StudyLease, the student accommodation specialist, presents the Affluences app, which every student must have on their phone!


Who has never wondered, before going to a public place: will it be crowded? Is there any space left in the library? How long will I have to wait to get to the museum? The aim of Affluences is to provide answers to all these questions and thus make your daily life easier. 



How the Affluences application works

Affluences comes in the form of a free, ad-free mobile application where you can find all the affluence information for a specific location, such as the university library you regularly visit to revise!

By going to the app or the website, you can find the different places where Affluences is present: libraries but also museums, monuments, swimming pools, etc. Indeed, Affluences is not limited to libraries, its use can be beneficial to you everywhere!


Check real time and forecasted attendance

If you want to go and revise at BU, feel free to check the Affluences app or website and you can find out if there is any space left in your library in real time, find out the forecasted affluence for the day and thus know when it is optimal to go there.

You also have access to all the practical information such as the establishment's opening hours, services (printers, electrical outlets, ...) and even the itinerary! 



Reserve seats in the university library

Thanks to Affluences, you can also reserve a seat in the BU to study quietly, but also work spaces if you want to work in a group on a project. To do this, go to one of the Affluences supports, choose your time slot and simply fill in your student email address to book, nothing could be easier!

So you've got it, Affluences will save you a lot of time on your revision!


DID YOU KNOW? To implement real-time gauge solutions, establishments are equipping themselves with sensors that the startup Affluences offers here.


Some figures on Affluences

In a few figures, today Affluences is :

  • More than 1000 partner establishments in France and in several European countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland,
  • 53 million views of affluence data on different media: mobile application, Affluences website, partners' websites.
  • A 4.5/5 rating of the mobile application on the stores, a proof of the quality of the service

In the current context, Affluences is the essential app to have to consult the affluence in real time in your favourite places and especially in your libraries! Optimise your revisions and save time wherever you are with Affluences.