All the best reasons to go second hand !

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To begin with, what does "second hand" mean?

Second-hand is a market that has been growing at an exceptional rate in recent years. A second-hand product is a product that has already passed through the hands of another consumer. The product has therefore already been bought once. It can be resold to others if it is still useful and its owner no longer needs it.

So why should you try to buy second-hand items?


Second-hand helps fighting over-consumption

It is not new and it is well known that global warming and the depletion of our natural resources are real threats to the future of our planet and therefore of our own.

Let's take the example of the clothing industry, also known as "fast-fashion". It encompasses all the biggest names in our daily lives. Of course, who could resist drooling over a nice pair of Mango boots, or a long winter coat from Zara? Surely not me. However, this is one of the most polluting markets in the world, indeed the second most polluting. It takes up to 27,000 litres of water to produce a single cotton T-shirt!

Thanks to second hand, it is possible to buy items that do not increase the turnover of the textile market. This therefore slows down the growth of the large firms on the market, and encourages them to revise their production forecasts downwards. Using an item that has been resold by other consumers means fighting over-consumption, and thus relieving our planet of massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.


You also protect your budget

Being a student, as we all know very well, means above all having a lot of desires and very little income. Every penny is precious and yet you don't want to give up your Netflix subscription or your third Mcdonald's of the month. Down with guilt! Save as much as possible with your second-hand purchases.

A second-hand item will always be cheaper than its new equivalent. But that doesn't mean that you are buying worn and poor quality items. Many people resell their possessions without ever having found the use for it for some reason. For example, that television on Leboncoin has never been used, why? Because two days after buying his TV, the owner received an even bigger one as a birthday present. There are so many reasons why sellers are tempted to part with nearly new objects. 

What's the point of purchasing the same item in a shop for an exorbitant price, when it is possible to find this exact model in excellent condition on a second-hand website, for much less?


Unique objects that are just a click away

Second hand is also a bargain for all vintage lovers. Real treasures can be found on these resale websites. Magnificent items are available for purchase. Many are in limited editions because their production was discontinued years ago.  This is finally the opportunity to complete this famous retro look with authentic pieces from the last century. Imagine how many stories these nuggets contain!

Moreover, even though fashion is constantly evolving, the great classics are always back in vogue. Who would have thought a few years ago, when skinny jeans were at their peak in terms of bipedal clothing, that the baggy trousers and elephant paw jeans of the early 2000s would return in masse on the photos of instagrammers, commenting on their publications with #Y2K or  #aesthetic kind of hashtags.


Make your ends meet by getting rid of what you don't use

"You're not wearing it anymore? Sell it! ", we no longer present the famous Vinted slogan. This sentence (whether we wanted it or not) has been written in black ink in our minds, and is completely true. What better way to earn money that will improve our student life than to get rid of clothes, objects that we no longer need. Second-hand sites such as Vinted, Depop, Leboncoin are thriving, making millions of buyers as well as sellers happy. Moreover it allows sellers to make room in their closet and have enough to buy a few more shirts!


Of course, it is impossible to adopt this consumption pattern for all the items of our daily lives. However, many of the goods we consume are completely substitutable by second-hand purchases. And it is by adopting more ethical consumption habits that we can have an impact on our lives!

Don't hesitate to come back on for more news on how to manage your student budget. You probably don't want to miss out on an article on the best second-hand websites!