Be operational for a videoconference interview

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In these times of confinement, it is impossible to get a physical interview to prove our motivation, whether it is for a school interview, a work-study or an internship. However, schools and companies are offering new alternatives such as videoconference interviews.

Today, Studylease will give you some tips to be operational and professional during your video conference interview.


Tip n°1: Preparation beforehand

Videoconference interviews are virtual interviews. However, the stakes remain just as high. It is therefore necessary to be well prepared. Like a traditional interview, your passage must be worked on. Prepare yourself in advance for the classic questions and practice with someone close to you if possible.

A little extra: draw up questions to ask the recruiter, this will show your interest in him and his company!

Example of questions for a job interview:

- What qualities do you consider indispensable for this position?

- Can you tell me more about my future collaborators and the work organisation within your team?

- What are the next steps in the recruitment process?

If it is a school, we advise you to have a more in-depth discussion about the curriculum, the course of study, further study etc. You need to show your interest and curiosity for this school.


Tip No. 2: Check your material thoroughly

It may seem like a detail but it is necessary to prepare for the possibility of a technical problem on the day. So, we advise you to check your equipment before your interview. This will allow you not to be destabilized and avoid additional stress in case of a technical problem.


Tip No. 3: Punctuality

Just like in a classic interview, it is important that you are ready at the agreed time. This will allow you to show your seriousness in all circumstances.


Tip 4: Dress code

So, yes, we like to be comfortable at home. However, this is a professional interview and you have to put yourself in real conditions as if you were physically facing the recruiter. Don't be negligent because the way you dress is the first impression you give to your recruiter. So adapt your outfit to your field of activity.


Tip 5: Defining a professional space

It may be obvious, but it is a detail that is important. In order not to distract the recruiter's attention, create your own environment on a desk if you have one or even in the living room. If you can, avoid any physical distractions (posters, people, animals...). A quiet place will allow you to be more concentrated to be convincing and will keep the recruiter's or hiring manager's attention!


Tip 6: Attitude

Indeed, the exchange is more complicated in videoconferencing, but don't let it get you down! It is necessary to stay smiling but above all to stay focused on your objective: to make a success of this interview!

Confidence in your eyes is essential. It will show the recruiter that you know what you're talking about and that you have confidence in yourself. Even if it's complicated, try to look at the camera as often as possible. It is possible for you to rely on your notes in case you forget something, but don't forget that you are talking to someone and that natural is also good!


We hope that Studylease's tips will help you to improve! Good luck and see you soon.