Changing formation with delayed re-entry

Business school? Law school? Your background doesn't suit you? Don't worry, we have a solution so that you can easily redirect yourself to a new school or other training. Don't waste time and find out about the delayed start to the school year!
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The staggered start of the school year is becoming more and more common in colleges and schools but is still little known to students.

Before starting, you must first do the necessary research to find a new path that suits you. The choice, of course, is important, but so is the choice of school. Make sure that the school you have chosen offers the option of a staggered start to the school year. Even though this is becoming more and more common, some colleges and schools do not offer programs specifically designed for students who want to change their course of study.

To take advantage of this staggered start to the school year, you should start as early as possible because classes are small, to allow for better student support.
Entry is therefore very selective.

There are several options for a staggered start to the school year:
- The completely staggered curriculum: your year will be completely different from the others. You will return to school during the second semester to begin your first-semester training.
You will graduate one semester after the students who have had a classic start to the school year.
- Fast track: You will start school at the beginning of the second semester. You will make up for the first semester's classes.
- You will also be able to do your second semester in a regular class and then catch up on your first semester during the summer holidays.



WARNING: The dates are extremely important. Indeed, registration deadlines can arrive very quickly. In most courses, the deadline for applications is the end of January.
For example, at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University, the deadline is mid-January.


Be motivated

If some schools offer this option, and you decide to take this opportunity, you need to prepare yourself for a new pace of work. It will be different from other schools.

The schools offer a busier timetable for this type of course than for a conventional course, and at universities, it is the student's responsibility to make up for previous courses.


The schools

Here is a small list of schools and colleges that offer the start of the new school year staggered according to the different streams:
Business schools:
- ESGF (specialist in finance, management and accounting.)
- ISEE Business School
- ESGCI (specialized in marketing and international relations)
Schools of communication :
- IIM (Internet and Multimedia Institute)
- ESP and ECS (European Communication School)
- IICP (school of communication and journalism in Paris)
Engineering school

Now you have all the information. All you have to do is apply and give your best! At Studylease, we know you can do it!