How to study well at home

It is difficult for many students to remain pro-active by being confined to their homes. Studylease, the specialist for private student accommodation in France will therefore give you some tips on how to continue to work efficiently even from your  accommodation. 

I. Getting into conditions 

It is tempting to work in pyjamas, in bed, in the dark, vaguely looking at the notes taken in the last few classes, however, good working conditions invite better revision. It is necessary to put yourself in conditions to resist the sirens of Netflix. The first thing to do when waking up (after thinking about setting an alarm clock) is to adopt a rhythm similar to that of class days by keeping to the morning routine, eating breakfast, washing and especially getting dressed. Putting on clothes will help you to detach yourself from the atmosphere of the house and place you in a studious and appropriate atmosphere for studying. It is also possible to create a playlist dedicated to your work, avoiding music with lyrics that might distract you, such as classical music or background music is recommended. Don't hesitate to browse on YouTube, hundreds of playlists are already available! And if you prefer complete silence, even in a quiet room, why not use earplugs that will allow you to cut yourself off from the world.

II. Defining a workspace 

The most important thing to ensure good revisions is to define one's work space, to do this it is necessary to get out of one's rest or relaxation place, so one must get out of one's room, or at least out of one's bed. Those who have a desk will be able to sit at it. However, at Studylease, we advise you (especially in this period of confinement) to get out of your room if possible, to study in another room with a table and thus create a break between the two environments. Also think about the lighting, good lighting will help you to concentrate and make your revision easier. It can also be a good idea to open the window regularly. If you don't want to go outside, opening the window allows you to get some fresh air and enjoy the good weather or the soft sound of the rain. Don't hesitate to spread out all your things in front of you, pens, leaves, create a space that makes you want to work, which will facilitate your revisions. 

III. Setting a rhythm 

To work effectively, you need to set a clear pace, define your schedule and stick to it. A work rhythm of an hour and a half with a fifteen-minute break for intensive revision allows you to revise correctly while regularly ventilating your mind. We recommend a work rhythm of at least an hour and a half per burst in order to work efficiently. It is also important to set up a work schedule, assigning yourself times and subjects to be studied within a given time, in order to set yourself objectives. Set alarms to remind you of your working time and your break time, this will allow you to frame your schedules to the maximum!Why not write down your schedule on a coloured sheet of paper or on post-it notes to remind you of all your tasks to accomplish? 
Studylease's last piece of advice: Remember to switch your phone to airplane mode so that you are not disturbed while you are studying. 

And above all, good luck!