Learning english through TV shows

Learning and studying a language can be complicated and quite discouraging. That's why Studylease offers you some fun tips to learn English (or any other language) easily, away from the classrooms.

1) The VOSTR

VOSTFR is the Original Version with French subtitles. This allows you to relax while learning a new language. The interest comes from the fact that we learn without paying attention, we relax, we take our popcorn and our brain ingests words from a foreign language while we watch Games of Thrones (or Casa de Papel if you finally decide to learn Spanish).
By watching series in their original version, your brain gets used to the new language, assimilates new words and also, above all, integrates the accent.
After a few months, one day while binging the new season of your favorite show on Netflix after school, you will find that subtitles have become useless to understanding, since you will continue to play Candy Crush without ever really paying attention to subtitles.

Then, will come the learning of spelling with English subtitled OV. This will allow you to better understand the literary meaning of words, while integrating more deeply the spelling and grammar of the language.

2) Which accent?

Be careful also about the origin of the series (American, English, Scottish, Australian), the accents differ from one country to another.
The more you watch from different country series, the more you will get used to different accents and progress in understanding them until you become a master of accents and look like an Englishman in London.

A little tip for a good accent: don't hesitate to listen to the words letter to letter. For example, the English and Americans do not pronounce the letter A in the same way.


3) Which series?

Start by watching series that do not have too specific or complicated vocabulary. Comedy series such as Friends or Scrubs are perfect.
Avoid medical series which have too specific and difficult vocabulary. Choose a series of the genre you like most (comic, tragic, horror...), so you will maximize your chances of better understanding English because you will enjoy watching it more. The choice of series is important because it will motivate you more for learning and understanding.
Remember that watching a show is first and foremost a hobby, so get started!

Soon you will be an English pro, and if you ever want to practice your newly acquired accent, feel free to go out in English pubs or even try the au pair experience!