The best applications to buy second hand

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We promised you this article, here it is! We are going to introduce you to all the best applications to buy second hand products. If some of them are already familiar to you, others will surely surprise you.


     1- Vinted

It's impossible to make a list of the best second hand websites without mentioning this incredible startup on the market. "You don't wear it, sell it? ", the slogan perfectly sums up the concept of the website. The 37 million users of the platform are the proof of its efficiency. Vinted is often associated with the sale of clothes, and although textiles items are the most common on the application, many other categories are available, such as home furnishings, decoration, books, game consoles, etc.

It is possible to find real wonders, both on the qualitative and economic aspect. We particularly appreciate the "similar items" function which allows us to find even more items to our liking in a few clicks. Vinted is the reference in the second hand sector, and allows millions of people to earn money easily and buy fantastic products at low prices.


      2- Depop

Depop is the app not to be missed by fashion enthusiasts and pre-loved nuggets seekers. Indeed, the application was first designed for the readers of PIG Magazine and RETROSUPERFUTURE. The idea was to allow them to have more information about the articles they saw in these magazines. The "like" and "share" system used on the platform makes it an Instagram-like social network, which appeals to its 20 million users, 90% of whom are under 26.

Inspiration is the essence of the Depop concept and the creativity of the users is considerably emphasized, which is what makes the platform so aesthetically pleasing. The many artists, designers, creators, collectors make the platform the real Pinterest for fashion lovers, allowing them to keep up with the latest trends and make them their own. Depop is a real marketing tool for designers, independent creators, who work on a small scale to sell their creations.

Moreover, the application is a great way to earn money, especially when you are a student. Creating a store on Depop is creating a showcase in the eyes of the world, and therefore the possibility to generate income. This social network is a godsend for all young entrepreneurs who want to enter the fashion industry using a different approach to consumption, or simply those who want to make some pocket money. 


     3- Leboncoin

This site has one of the most diverse offerings in the industry: real estate, jobs, services, vacations, vehicles... Everything is available on Leboncoin, even consumer goods. Among the tens of millions of ads that can be found on this platform, there are multimedia, clothing, furniture...

The nice little advantage of the platform is the proposal of a filter based on our location for users who are not yet very fond of delivery services and prefer hand deliveries.

This platform allows you to get quality goods, whose price makes the big distribution brands pale in comparison. Thanks to this site, millions of items have the chance to get a new life, and millions of users find their happiness.


     4- Etsy

Etsy is the application that offers both handmade and second-hand items, which makes the concept even more interesting. If you like to support artists by buying their work, this is the perfect platform for you. You will probably be very satisfied by the artistic imprint that makes the identity of the platform. Like Depop, Etsy offers the possibility to create an attractive store, which will showcase all possible creations.  The site is not exclusively reserved for the sale of clothes but also allows you to buy all kinds of creations. It is therefore also a great tool for students who want to use their artistic fibre.

What earns Etsy its place on our list is its "vintage" option in the search parameters, which gives access to a wonderful catalog of second-hand items. In addition, the platform allows its users to choose the country of origin of the product. This helps to reduce its carbon footprint for those who are concerned about their impact on the environment.


     5- Geev

Geev is the essential application if you need to buy something with a very small budget, or even without money at all! The platform is based on a donation principle. It is possible to get objects or food, everything is done to avoid waste!  It’s an application that helps a lot of people while taking care of our planet. Moreover, the application uses the geolocation of its users to help them benefit from the donations around them. Millions of ads are posted daily, accessible to everyone, and using the app is simple. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

It's also the perfect solution to give a second life to the objects that clutter our closets, while ensuring that they end up in the hands of people who really need them.  


We hope we've introduced you to some new platforms and the alternatives they represent to the big brands of our daily consumption! Feel free to let us know if this article was helpful to you, through our social networks Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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