The PLA, how does it work?

When looking for accommodation many students wonder if they will be entitled to APL (Personalized Housing Assistance). They want to know what steps to take, to what extent one can benefit from this housing aid and what is the amount of this aid.

Studylease, the student housing platform answers all your questions.


What's PLA?

The APL is financial assistance for housing which aims to reduce the amount of your rent. Yes, if you are a student, you can benefit from this assistance. However, certain conditions must be met:

- You must have a valid national identity card for French students or a valid residence permit for foreign students.

- It is necessary to rent "decent" accommodation. That is to say, one that does not endanger the health of the tenant, that has a minimum living area (9m²), without risk to the safety and well-being of the tenant.

If, however, the occupied dwelling is not decent, then the elements of non-compliance must be reported to the landlord.

What are the steps to take?

If you are registered with the CAF (Family allowance fund) you can apply directly online on the CAF website. It is in the form of a questionnaire in 4 steps: conditions of access, commitment, seizure, and end.

To do this, prepare the following documents:

- Copy of identity card (front and back), copy of residence permit (front and back), passport or birth certificate.

- The rent certificate completed and signed by the owner of the accommodation concerned. You will also find this document at your disposal on the CAF website.

- The GNI (Statement of Bank Identity) in your name.

What are the conditions of attribution?

I remind you that to be eligible for APL, you must be a tenant or sub-tenant of a dwelling rented partially from a private individual or entirely on the condition that you are under 30 years of age.

The housing must also be covered by an agreement, meet the criteria of decency and be located in France.

Please note that the accommodation in question must not belong to an ascendant or descendant of a person belonging to your family.

The LPA is allocated based on the location of your home, resources and household composition. The amount allocated may not exceed a certain ceiling depending on the geographical area of the tenant.

What is the amount of this aid?

The amount of housing assistance received by the tenant is calculated according to the net categorical income of 2018, his family situation, the amount of his rent and the value of his real estate and financial assets if it is higher than 30 000€.

To find out this amount before you apply, you can simulate it online with the CAF Housing Allowance Simulator.

You're going to have to fill out a 3-step questionnaire: Commitment, capture, and completion. You will be asked for information about your personal and professional situation and your accommodation.

Following the simulation, the CAF will issue you with a document in which the estimated amount of your LPA will be stipulated. Please note that the amount may change depending on the situation.

Finally, the LPA payment is made every month following the acceptance of your application.


We hope that Studylease has enlightened you on how applications for personalized housing assistance work. If you are new to student housing, don't forget to apply for APL!