Why register with the local mission?

Are you between 16 and 25 years old and looking for an internship, work experience, training, a student job or accommodation? The local mission will be able to guide you by offering you a personalised follow-up. But not only that, it also provides you with information on health, access to healthcare and helps you access culture and leisure activities.


What is the local mission in concrete terms?

The local mission is an intervention organisation at the service of young people. Each young person welcomed into a structure benefits from personalised follow-up in the context of his or her activities. The local mission will provide you with answers to questions concerning jobs, training, housing and health costs.


Where are the local missions located ?

  • 437 local missions and 6,788 reception centres are spread throughout France
  • 14 regional associations of Missions Locales
  • 12,980 youth integration professionals

Nearly 1.1 million young people supported in their process of access to employment and autonomy. Among them, 407,000 are being welcomed for the first time.


How to register with the local mission?

Depending on the structure, it is necessary to make an appointment. A valid identity card and your health insurance card are among the essential documents to be presented.

You can also bring a CV and a covering letter as supporting documents for the registration.


What financial aid is offered by the local mission?

  • The PACEA (Contractualised Support Pathway to Employment and Autonomy)

This is a tailor-made professional integration programme that will enable you to become independent and find employment. But what is it in concrete terms? It is a reciprocal commitment contract that you sign with the local mission following an assessment carried out with a counsellor, which will determine your expectations and your future projects. This support lasts a maximum of 24 consecutive months.

During this contract, you can receive an allowance but this cannot be combined with any other allowance or remuneration. This aid does not exceed the amount of the RSA, which is set at €564.79 per month, after the revision of 1 April 2020.


  • Mobility aids 

Mobility vouchers

These vouchers are awarded if you are in professional integration or if you are a job seeker and you live in Ile-de-France. This is aid for the purchase of transport tickets (SNCF, RATP).

Driving licence assistance

You can receive assistance to take your driving test. This is a form of funding known as the "€1 a day driving licence". This is a zero-interest loan whose interest is paid by the State.

Another scheme has been in place since 1 January 2019: any young person over the age of 18 can receive €500 in aid to take their driving test. This aid is allocated by the CFA (apprentice training centres).

The youth guarantee

If you are in a precarious situation and have no job, training or school, you can benefit from the youth guarantee.

You can then claim a maximum of 497 euros per month at full rate. This aid is granted for a period of one year, renewable once.


So, what are you waiting for to sign up? The local Mission will certainly be able to help you with your application! Don't hesitate to consult the other articles in the "special student" section on Studylease, they can help you on other subjects!