Frequently Asked Questions

1 What supporting documents should be provided to ensure the application is as complete as possible?

List of supporting documents required by the student residence Managers to be uploaded to your account: Double-sided copy of passport or ID card (tenant and guarantor).

  • Banking details of the tenant and the guarantors
  • Copy of proof of address (electricity bill, rent receipt, from the guarantors),
  • Tax statement of the guarantors (4 pages),
  • Copy of pay slips,
  • Other supporting documentation may be requested by the managers depending on your application.

Your receipts will be reviewed only by the residences and will remain confidential.

2 What are the possible statuses for my application?

My application can be either:

  • Pending (being reviewed by a manager),
  • Accepted,
  • Declined.

Each manager reserves the right to request further supporting documentation. To maximise your chances, offers you the opportunity to apply to 5 different residences. We advise you to make the maximum number of applications.

3 How do I book my accommodation?

Doing so is very straightforward. Once you have found the residence of your choice, simply click on book and follow the procedure. Please complete the required fields and upload the required supporting documentation. The manager of the residence of your choice will respond following a review of your application.


3 Who can stand surety/act as guarantor for me?

(a friend, family member).

4 What is a guarantor?

The guarantor undertakes to pay for your rent, utilities and other expenses on your behalf if you do not pay.


Upon filing your application, your account will automatically be created

To access your account, simply click on it by logging in to